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The National Palace Museum

Chinese history is a subject that is both intimidating and fascinating due to its vastness and complexity. It tells of a civilization that spans over 10,000 years, one that is rich in history, art, and culture, and has been one of the greatest influences on early technological advances.  

I have now had the privilege of visiting all three of the Palace Museums. There is one in Beijing, Taipei, and, as of 2015, Chiayi. As is true with most museums, since there is a vast collection of artifacts, each location tends to rotate out the items on display. There even was a special item at the Chiayi location that I was surprised to see there…

As I said before, the southern branch opened to the public in 2015, but it is still under construction at the moment, as you can see by the cranes on the side.

The Chiayi location is about a 10-minute bus ride from Chiayi Train Station. I rode a motorcycle about an hour from Village Villa. I used Google Maps and I’m not convinced I took the fastest route, as it was taking me all over the place. It normally takes 40 minutes to drive there, or you could take a bus/train into Chiayi and then take the shuttle from there.

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熊大庄是個位於民雄的很可愛的森林主題觀光工廠。 那裡會賣什麼呢?先給你看可愛的東西再說。


有點像迪士尼樂園的樣子。 但是我感覺有一點失望,因為這些南瓜不會動。

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我跟老闆聊一下,也有在網上看一下它的故事。 這棟房子是90幾年前建的,可是已經過了好幾年沒有人住。 為什麼呢有兩個傳說。


有一個劉姓家庭,他們住在這棟三樓蠻大的房子,過著很愉快沒有鬼的生活,家裡也雇了幾位婢女和長工來幫忙做家事。 可是有一天主人開始對一位婢女有意思,然後他們兩個開始談戀愛。 當女主人發現的時候,她生氣起來了,開始虐待那個婢女。 虐待她到受不了,她就跑到外面院子的井跳進去而自殺。 以後,大家睡覺的時候,那個婢女每天晚上都會在女主人的床邊出現。 之後他們搬家了,以後就沒有人住那邊了。


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